Message by Richie
During elementgirls the Shootings (see report below) Richie did not let take itself it naturally also to leave to you a Message!

Here is a message: Message!
Hi for everybody....nije me bilo nekoliko meseci...

heeey...sorry za sve sto nisam bila ovde nekoliko meseci....ali nisam imala vremena da vam' nije ni bilo nicheg novog...

sta se radi kod vas??

evo....nekoliko novih vesti...

cujemo se uskoro...POZZz (naravno, pishem vesti na engleskom, ako ste zaboravili) :

US5 EM football CONTEST 

How goes? Now the tapping system is to you in the forum at the disposal! There can each announced user up to one hour before the play its personal hint deliver. For example Switzerland - Czech Republic 3: 1. Depending on whether typed it correctly or wrongly, gets it points assigned & in a rank list are arranged, which is provided automatically. We refer to immediately thereafter that repeated announcing leads to the exclusion from the profit play. The three finalgood-natured winners of the profit play are gekürt to the US5-EM most and received naturally a mad surprise price! Well, already the EM-fever packed you? Then nothing like loosely… a sausage on the grill, which switch soccer game on in the television and which US5 CD in the player put - which can give it more beautiful?! 




After somewhat longer time Richie announces itself in the diary of the official homepage to word. It told like it the last months was issued and as it to the current single " Round and Round stands. But read even in the Diary it has still some more to report. 




Yesterday ran with " Reläxx" a report over US5 with dance training. Richie SOURCE took up this report. Under the following left can regard you to it, what the boys of everything had to tell.

Video bi bilo to...


Viva special....

The guys from US5 are nominated by VIVA for their "100 hottest guys" list, just like Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, Culcha Candela and many other bands and artists. And now it is up to you to vote for them- you can vote till the 24th of March.


Unfortunately, I have to let you know that US5 probably will not rock the stage at The Dome 45. inquired about a possible performance. Triple-M explained that there is nothing excluded yet, though they predict that US5 will not perform there this time.

In case we receive more information, you will find out about it as soon as possible!

Since today the Rerelease is also published by the "Here We Go" album in Japan. After was already brought out in Control the last September there, now the old album is published on account of grpßer inquiry still in Asia (however, still with the part and the cover by Mikel).
In addition, "Rhythm of Life" is since almost half a year now still in the Top100 Playlist of the Japanese radio stations.
However, there will not be a stay in Asia in the next time, so that Richie is preserved to us here in Germany.

Happy V-day

Srecan svima.... dan zaljubljenih....



Some of you might have heard about a show called "The Next Uri Geller".
The German TV channel Prosieben broadcasts the German version of this sensational show in which 5 candidates show the most miraculously tricks ever.
And of course, Richie & Co did not get spare and the German candidate Farid amazed them by playing a trick with cards.


Here's some great news in case you happen to be a member of the official US5 fanclub! Being a member brings along another benefit!
If you order something in the fanshop, you will get 15% discount! The entire year long!

Have fun shopping!
Heeey ljudi... :) (Malo komentara...please)
2008/02/07,18:27 nema nish ovo o Us5....

jedino da sam nabavila sliku Jay-ove tetovaze....hmmm...p nije losha....


Jay 2 


Na prvoj slici...mozete da vidite i Jayov izraz llica dok mu covek i crta o ruci...i mnogo 

krvi...omg... uzhas...mislim da je to krv...neznam :) drugoj vidite njegovu sliku...gde mu je vec malo to i zaraslo...

nadam se da nije jako bolelo.... :)

I takoc...nasla sam i sliku sa kojom zivotinjoom se on slikao...u pitanju je zmija...

jaaaoooo...jedva cekam da se Chris slika sa svojom zivotinjom......

i takoc...sliku cu kasnije da vam ostavim...samo da nadjem gde sam je nasla....



Eeee...evo malo teme koja nema veze sa Us5-em...malo slicica.... :)

Podsetio me je Bobo.....da stavim malo slicica macaka i togrova...

ja ih takodje nikad mi nije palo na pamet...da ih postujem :)

Pa evo malo slicica...

Komentare molim vas :)



Nasla sam dve extra slike...samo su i kliknite dole:




to bi bilo to....

vidimo se uskoro...



Here I am :)

Evo napokon...posle duzheg vremena, ponovo vam pisem.....

al' kao i uvek na engleskom (lakse mi je) :)

Here we go:

The well known German youth magazine BRAVO started a brand new serial with the guys from US5 and it was up to Richie to make the great kick-off. The newest issue which includes the article and the latest pictures is in stores today.

As the picture underneath shows you; Richie's partner for this shoot was a 6-months-old baby tiger named Amba.


Tomorrow I will a post a new news about shoot with animals :)

Big KiSs 

Dochek 2008. ( Hochu komentare)

Znam...sad che skoro februar...ali shta chesh...nisam imala bash vremena da postavim slike...
svi moji postovi od nove godine, pa do sada su bili na brzinu napisani :)
eee...sad chu malo sporije... :)
prva slika 31. decembra '07....bilo je oko 12 sati popodne( taman sam se probudila) i ovako sam zaspala u pola 6 ujutru :)
ali sam odmah bila nasmejana :) (kao i sada)

Hmmm...samo nekoliko minuta pre nego sto sam otila na dochek:

I pole ponochi.... sa najboljom drugaricom Draganom....( ona mi je najbolja dugarica...jedno...hmmm....4-6 godina)

Bilo nas je puno na docheku...ali ne bih sada da stavljam te fotkice...

kao shto vidite na ovoj....loodovalo se do 3 sata popodne (1.januara)



With love Ivana 


Ljudi, pa vi stvarno ne odustajete.......?!?!?!??!??!?!

A joooooooooj........ pa ljudi otkachite se od mog bloga vishe...smarate.............

A sto se novih vesti tiche....mogu samo da vam kazhem da je  olozheno izdanje dvd-a Us5-a "In Control- the tour", a nezna se kada che zachi, znachi: DVD izdanje je ponovo pomereno, javichu vam kada se neshto odluchi o tome!

Happy B-day to my friend Gorana!!!!!!

Ona je uvek ovde....brani ovaj blog vishe od mene...................

ona je najbolja...............obozavam je.....


srecan ti rodjendan!

Zelim ti sve najbolje....

puno srece ljubavi, zdravlja i para..........

Zeli ti Ivana......... 

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